måndag 29 december 2008


1) Xbox
I got the console and 3 games (S.K.A.T.E, fifa 08 and GTA4) yeah!
Kim got my sewing machine.

2) Signed Kelly Slater Surf Board
Paul got my Contemporary-Hawaiian-Art-Collection. We're even, Steven...

3) The Summer-kit
For my jacket, Patrik (cool dude) swopped a summer-kit It including: a Jib Hunt Tee', Blue Planet Hawaii surf shorts, Red stripe beer, Red stripe coacasters, Fantomen comics, antique post card, book 1; Easton Ellis (American Psycho), book 2; Lunar Park, Paul Auster – book 3; The Brooklyn Follies, Regine Deforges - Den blå cykeln. And the coolest of the coolest, a hacky sack!

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