onsdag 31 december 2008

Failure or success?

My experiment that has turned into OUR experiment is temporary over. I kind of failed the swopping part of the project, but I feel I gained so much other fantastic stuff. I have high hopes for our world… I’m flattered, proud, happy, sad, overwhelmed and about to cry out loud… It’s over. It’s over for now. Thanks to all of you, friends and strangers who have followed my adventurous journey! You’re millions! And that’s insane... I’m just a simple swopper…

Swopping stuff instead of just buying new gadgets all the time is a great thing that I think has great potential. More than a great way of saving our planet it’s an awesome way to communicate. It’s so cool to go down to your Posten and send something, and pick up something completely different the other day. Build in the swop (your new thing) is a story and history; it makes you fell good because there is also a future.

Talking about the future: I will be back, but now I’m going to take some time off this project. I don’t know yet if it’s terminated or not. I might be to sore a looser to back of now. We’ll see.

Thanks again! Thanks Flickr, Facebook, Blogger, Posten, Twitter and Youtube for keeping me in touch with my fans!

Fans: Take care all of ya’ll! Big hug, big peace, the big world is ours to do whatever with it so let’s treat it with big love.

C U sooner than later!

/Stefan the Swopper

tisdag 30 december 2008

Well, well, well...

Swopping will be over tomorrow...

Everyone who wanna swop need to get their behinds down to my place! It’s obvious now however, the mission is not completed, the challenge was unanswered, the piece of art is still in process. Or, who knows, it’s art I guess.

måndag 29 december 2008


1) Xbox
I got the console and 3 games (S.K.A.T.E, fifa 08 and GTA4) yeah!
Kim got my sewing machine.

2) Signed Kelly Slater Surf Board
Paul got my Contemporary-Hawaiian-Art-Collection. We're even, Steven...

3) The Summer-kit
For my jacket, Patrik (cool dude) swopped a summer-kit It including: a Jib Hunt Tee', Blue Planet Hawaii surf shorts, Red stripe beer, Red stripe coacasters, Fantomen comics, antique post card, book 1; Easton Ellis (American Psycho), book 2; Lunar Park, Paul Auster – book 3; The Brooklyn Follies, Regine Deforges - Den blå cykeln. And the coolest of the coolest, a hacky sack!

söndag 28 december 2008


1) Billy
For my X-box “Loik” offered me his friend Billy. The offer is to have Billy as a personal servant on weekdays. Billy’s specialties are feet rubbing and washing-up.

2) Color Librarian
For my Khaki-kit Linda offered her skills to sort out my bookshelf by colours.

3) Site on Facebook
For my slalom ski’s, Johan offered me to use his facebook site for one or two days.

lördag 27 december 2008

Got my first love letter today...

About time! Kidding... I’ll answer it since it was so nicely written... But sorry, I’m totally in love with my girlfriend.

fredag 26 december 2008

5 days left...

I still have some of my best stuff left and I still don’t have a new home... Plan B is getting closer but I haven’t given up!

torsdag 25 december 2008

Consumption overload?

Thanks for all the gifts, mom, dad, darling! I feel kind of stuck in the middle, luv my stuff but I wanted to stay away from the Christmas hysteria... Anyone else feeling the same way? Let's swop and compensate!

onsdag 24 december 2008


(Santa swopped his sled for waterski's...)

God jul, felize navidag, merry christmas! Tack för alla fina erbjudanden och alla som intresserar er för mina byten. Jag kommer vara lite mindre närvarande de närmaste dagarna ifall inget extra spännande händer.

I wont be around that much for some time. I will be skiing, hanging with the girl, the family and the boys these next few days. I’ll be around though. C u!

tisdag 23 december 2008

Circa one week left...

A bit nervous by now (but still cool...). But, again… It’s an experiment, an art project, a challenge. Though it might not be completed, I need to stay open minded. And I need a back-up plan. Focus Swopperman... Focus!

Used my swopped Yoga membership card for the first time yesterday...


måndag 22 december 2008

Jag har sagt det förut å’ jag säger det igen...

Swedes... För er som vill ha något av mig i julklapp måste jag lägga på lådan idag! Kolla här! Stora paket är försent, men små går bra...

Ok, now when I’m a celeb I should start swopping with other celebs!

Any suggestions? Do you know any celebs that have any sweet stuff to swop?

Stefan the Swopper on national TV!

Watch the show here!!!