fredag 19 december 2008


Q: How do we swop?

A: Good questions. The way I see it, we have two options:

1) We’ll meet eye-for-an-eye-style. I not into going places at the moment (I’m pretty busy doing this). But you’re most welcome over to my crib (that still can be yours). Maybe we can hang out and you can help me pack things.

2) We don’t meet. I send you my swop offer, and you send me yours. It’s easier than cooking pancakes!!! Just roll down to your local post office or franchisee, mine is at “ICA” (Swedish grocery store) and hand in your swop. Works smooth as silk… They help you out with all the details too. But if you wanna be a wiseguy, check out prices and maximum weight stuff here. And don't miss the important dates here! Thank you for swopping!

/Stefan the Swopper

2 kommentarer:

  1. I would love to come see u in Stockholm dude, but I guess I just have to manage with UPS, Fed ex or any other postal service. Is ICA a postal service or what?

  2. vi bor asanära ju! cool! skickar nog ändå. hehe