torsdag 18 december 2008

Announcement to my beloved ones (please don’t take this the wrong way…)

I’m overwhelmed. Really!!! This has taken proportions bigger than I ever could have imagined (note: I’m a pretty imaginary dude…). Hear me now: 4 million visits on!!! WHAT!? C’mon! That’s to-to-to-totally wacko!! Love you for that. But ladies and gents, let’s get a bit serious. You’re not making this tooooooo easy for me. I love all your offers, believe me I do. But some of them is just to… how do you say… out of reach? Unrealistic? I have a functional home at the moment, and I hope for a close to functional home when this project is over. Please take this the right way, I dig all your sweet swop offers but I need more realistic ones to pull it off. You dig? Peace, love and swopping!
/Stefan the Swopper

2 kommentarer:

  1. But..... everything is realistic Stephan.
    Understand that you are allergic to cats, so that's why I let you have my dog for a day or two. He is a real gem.
    You and your girlfriend need to cuddle with
    a fury friend when things get stressed.
    Happy Christmas by the way.

  2. Well, a skateboard for a table and toiletpaper?
    its perfect! :D